Summer Break!

It’s the last week of school and I’m trying to get mentally prepared to have the kids back home full time for the summer. I love having them home but also get stressy about not having my personal time and space to exercise and sit quietly. 

I’m a big exercise home body, I like to be alone to be focused and not to be interrupted by anything. 

The trick I learned last year is pretty simple, but it takes me some time to adjust. The one big lesson I learned was to not have any expectations of how our day will play out. Kids are home and they need their mommy, and it’s our time to reconnect after a busy school year. I need to be ok with “winging” my workout time and not be so stubborn about my schedule because “my” schedule will become “our” schedule.  I know I’ll always get my workout done when the opportunity appears. Some days the kids settle into a movie or craft buying me an hour to get sweaty, or I may set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning and lace up for a early run or in the evenings when my husband is home and the kids are in bed. I need to be ok that my workout may include my kids joining in or having my workout broken up through out the day. We plan to be out and active a lot, so that all counts for exercise too. 

I find having high expectations just sets me up for disappointment and puts me in a grumpy mood. Having more flexibility with my time is healthier for me and I tend to move through the day with ease. 

My kids tend to give me my space but there are times when they just want my attention and challenge me for it and that’s ok! 

Another thing I learned last summer was to have a calm morning routine of breakfast making and talking about what we feel like doing and making our daily plan. My kids LOVE being a part of making the plan so they know what to expect each day and are mentally prepared for it. They love being home and sometimes it’s a challenge to get them to leave the house! Hopefully the calm morning routine and plan making will give me a sense of where I can fit in my personal time and give my kids what they need for the day. 

Being in the moment with my kids is  a huge goal of mine this this year. Living a little more spontaneously and freely. 

So, I’m currently preparing myself for the change our summer breaks bring and really looking forward to it. 

Excercise has become a big part of my life, I will make it all happen just not on the rigid schedule I’ve become accustomed to during the kid’s school year. In turn, I am giving my kids a fun, calm and fullfilling summer. 

Happy summer everyone !!

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