Soggy Weather Running – how to make it tolerable!

I remember my first run in the rain, it started as a delightful drizzle but soon became a torrential rain poor and I was SOAKED through and through. My glasses were covered in rain drops and I struggled to see where I was going. After years of trial and error, I think I’ve figured out a few tricks to make it a little better and thought I’d share with you!

There is nothing worse then starting out on a run when it’s already pouring, let me tell you, dark wet mornings are the worst for getting out of bed. It somehow feels “easier” when the sky’s start off dry and the rain comes later.

Honestly, the weather app is my most used app, knowing my local forecast is so key to dressing appropriately and avoiding a more dangerous storm. You do not want to be miles from home when lightening starts.

The trick to keeping the rain out of my eyes is as simple as wearing a brimmed hat. Depending on the temperature outside I’ll either wear a visor or full cap. If you’re super lucky and it’s cold, windy AND raining, I’ll wear a Buff over my brimmed hat and ears to keep my ears warm and the wind out.

Let’s face it, running in the rain kinda sucks, you are going to get wet no matter what but if you wear gear that is water resistant, you’ll be better off. Sometimes I find running in the rain a little refreshing and almost cleansing.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.”


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.”

-Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike

I found a great NorthFace rain shell at Marshall’s .. very similar to this Nike rain shell on Amazon but way waaaaay cheaper.

There is no way to stay completely dry, your feet will get wet. I’ve heard of people duck taping their running shoes to try and keep them dry or slipping a plastic bag over their feet before the shoe but I’ve never tried. I just try and avoid the puddles the best I can.

Truth be told, you’ve got to have a little bad ass in you or better yet an amazing running squad to get you out the door.

3 Healthy Carb Loading Meals

You all know the term carb loading and we all take advantage of this before race day. Let’s be honest, race day eve is normally our excuse to eat all the things but all the things could really hurt your performance. I’ll tell you what works for me and maybe this will work for you too.

Remember everyone’s bodies are different and react to foods differently so you really need figure things out as you go. I would test out certain meals the evening before a long run and see how my body handles it.

One thing I’ve learned (the hard way) is to not eat anything out of the ordinary before a race, stick to what your body knows or you may pay for it. Once I ate Thai food the night before a planned 20km run with my group and had to visit every corner stores toilet, it wasn’t fun at all.

The week before a big race, I really try and keep my meals bland and basic. I stay away from fibrous complex carbs such as veggies, fruits and beans and stick to the more starchy complex carbs like whole wheat pasta, brown rice, white and sweet potato’s.

A bowl of spaghetti, chicken and rice, home fries and meatballs or even a baked sweet potato and a juicy steak are on my menu. I like a carb with a meat protein, that’s just me.

Once your race is over you can eat all the things if you wish but you also need to be careful because after a really long run like a marathon distance your stomach tends to shut down a little to allow your body to repair other parts of you, your stomach may not digest foods very well. A more liquid or soft foods is normally recommended for a couple days after a big race.

But I’m a bit of a rebel and go straight for the pizza pie!

Home Gym Basics

When I started working out at home, the first year all I had was a set of 5 and 10 pound weights and that was more then enough. Once I felt stronger I slowly upgraded my set. I accumulated my weights from garage sales, friends and Costco. I now have an amazing set of weights that range from 2 pounds to 35. I also bought a set of kettlebells from a friend that are 20-45 pounds.

I have a good open space, a length sized mirror, yoga mat, my free weights and a large exercise ball for stability.

Currently everything I have is enough but I do have my eyes on a few other peices.  I don’t have a lot of space so I try to stick with the basics and the basics seem to be doing the trick!

Honestly, one of my favourite workouts is a good HIIT that requires no equipment. No excuses, you can just have an open space and get it done.

I love home workouts because I can easily fit it into my day and it doesn’t cost me anything.

I would love to hear about your workout space.

Winter Running – be prepared

It took me a good while to wrap my head around winter running. Here in Southern Ontario we get some deep freeze temps, snow and ice that make running dangerous and really uncomfortable. What I’ve found is if you’re prepared for the elements, you can run safely and comfortably.  With a lot of trial and error I finally figured out what gear and clothing works best for me and I want to share them with you.

Please keep in mind that my winter gear has been collected over a few years and not all at once. It’s expensive so I tend to buy just one or two quality items a year or slowly upgrade to higher quality.

Let’s start from the head and work our way to the toes.


To keep my head and ears warm I use the the famous Buff on all my runs. This tube like head gear (the ones that the TV show Survivor uses) can be worn so many ways. I normally wear it folded once and worn over my ears like a thick headband and sometimes I wear it over my ears and face to keep the wind chill off.

Check out their website but be careful because you’ll want them ALL. They also make them with merino wool 😍

Of course any cozy wool hat is sometimes needed too.

Noxgear!!! Light Vest. < strong><<<<<<<<<
ssential for all my dark runs. This vest is pretty incredible, so light weight that you forget you have it on, fits snug so it never moves, easily worn over a hydration vest or running jacket AND you can choose a different colour every time you wear it, make them flash with an easy press of a button. It takes 3 AAA batteries and they last forever.

Join my Noxgear group "My Fitness Hobby" and get a 30% off coupon code. always see runners and cyclists out wearing these, I’ve been told I look like a running alien!

Leggings and Pants When shopping for winter legging you want them to have a brushed interior that’s extremely warm and comfortable. Made from stretchy, durable high tech materials that won’t stink up your closet. A great material to look for is Merino Wool!!

Most of the big box stores like Sports Check, The Gap, MEC , REI and The Running Room all offer a good selection. Although expensive,  I buy most of mine through LuLuLemon, I find the quality is very high and the items just last me for years. When I’m putting in some serious miles, I need my gear to work and not fail. I also don’t want to replace them very year so buying quality is key.

When the wind is high and it’s pressing -20c I use an outer shell over my leggings. MEC has a great selection, my go to by MEC are the Pearl Izumi Thermal Barrier Pant.

This outer layer will keep your thighs and bum from freezing as you run through the wind and wet snow.

Base Layer and Jacket! always lean towards a Merino Wool blend long sleeved shirt. Believe it or not I’ve found all my base layer Merino Wools at COSTCO!  For more information on this material check out<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ade winter running jacket by New Balance. Mine is 2 years old but much like this jacket I found online.<<

Most big brands sell amazing jackets that will block the wind, offer reflective elements and breathable. Also, buy a size that will allow layers underneath!

Feet and Footing!If your feet are cold and wet and your falling all over the place, you’re going to be super uncomfortable, ya?

My feet don’t tend to get cold unless they get wet so I avoid the slush as much as possible. I have yet to master the dry feet.

My go to socks is the Woman’s Ankle Copper Sole Sock found at Marks Work Warehouse.

When I’m out running in the winter and the roads and trails are ice, I want traction so I feel confident, I bought a cheap pair of tracks from Costco for $14 very similar to these found on Amazon.

They come in size small, medium and large, depending on your shoe size. They just slip right over your running shoe. They take a bit to get used to but they’ll give you all the confidence you need on icy roads or trails.

My best advise is to follow this chart based on temperature.

Dress for it and you’ll love it!!