10 Best Gifts for Runners

Do you have a runner in you life that you’d like to spoil or just needing gift ideas for? Being a runner, I have just the list for this Christmas holidays!

I have compiled the best of the best running “stuff” or essentials that your running buddy would LOVE!

Check out my list below, I promise you that your running enthusiast will adore !

1❄️ Buff Buff head wraps or head bands are so comfy and versatile. It’s worn by both men and woman and come in all colours and fabric designs. I’m obsessed !

2 ❄️ Surf BUTTA We may not share this embarrassing tidbit of information, it happens to ALL of us runners, we chafe. We chafe in places that you don’t want to hear about and these balms are an essential!!

3 ❄️ Injinji socks!

These socks are top shelf of the running sock world. They look ridiculous and cute all at the same time. Protect your friends feet from those terrible blisters !

4 ❄️Nuun

Keep your friend hydrated over their holiday runs with this amazing drink! It’s the only brand I use.

5 ❄️ Amphipod Thermal Run Glove. Only the best of the best. This glove adjusts 4 ways so your never too hot or too cold. This is on my want list

6 ❄️ Headlamp

Not only is it important that people see you out running in the dark it’s also important that you can see where your going. Tripping on a root or cracked sidewalk is never fun. Keep your runner safe with a great headlamp.

7 ❄️ The Flip Belt

This belt is super soft and comfy and I wear it on all my shorter distance runs. You can slip your phone into it, money, keys… you name it. I love mine! Comes in many colours.

8 ❄️ Muscle Roller Stick Don’t laugh, this is serious ! 😆Runners get knots and tight muscles that require this torturous device that we refer as heaven. They come in all shapes and sizes and prices but they all do basically the same thing. This bad boy is on my want list.

9 ❄️ Noxgear Light Vest

This vest is amazing for all our dark runs. There is no doubt that everyone will see you. It’s so bright, comfy and very COOL looking.

10 ❄️ Epsom Salts for a hot bath!

Epsom Salts would be a great stocking stuffer. After a gruelling long run, a hot soak in a salt bath is everything to arunner.

Send me a message if you have any questions. Happy to help!

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